Candice Benge




To provide high quality upholstery, soft goods, and refurbishing services with a focus on sustainable practices and classic technique.

Things I make...

I am most experienced in drapes, roman shades, pillows, cushions, and bedding. I also have experience in dining room chairs, arm chairs, custom built booths and banquettes, and various bedding.

I  love learning new things and offer a discount for any project I'm not technically qualified to do. I have a generous mentor who is happy to guide me, so if time isn't an issue feel free to contact me about anything that falls under the upholstery umbrella. 


Gilbert Herrera, Gil's Upholstery

Jackson Murphy, Paladar 511

Why Upholstery?

My interest in upholstery is undoubtedly a result of an uncountable number of things, but because I like stories with clear beginnings here is the story I tell about how I ended up here:

There are two things. First, I spent a couple of years during my undergraduate career at Southern Methodist University working in the costume shop. There I learned to appreciate fine fabrics and quality construction. 

Second, I've had a long standing admiration for my father, grandfather and two uncles who are fine carpenters. I never practiced any carpentry with them (that's what the sons were for), but I fell in love with the smell, the geometry and the precision of it.

At 30, after a decade as a playwright I was ready for a change. I wanted a craft that would allow me to work from home and explore my interest in the dynamic relationship between fabric and wood. 

I started with a course at City College and then began an apprenticeship with Gilbert Herrera (Gil's Upholstery) and Berna Alvarado. I also completed a short internship with Francesca Ragusa at Moebel Klinik in Berlin, Germany where I learned about the art of antique restoration. Additionally, I spent some time learning about high-end, custom window dressing at Franciscan Interiors.