For those who care to know...

I am safely arrived in Stockholm and even though I've now done this sort of traveling several times I'm still shocked that you can get on a plane, try to sleep for more hours than your body desires, and then wake up in a place that is so far away from anyone that has any idea who you are. On top of this, all the people in the new place seem to be doing essentially the same things the people in the old place did. They've just always been here doing it without you because it turns out you aren't necessary for a single goddamn thing. 

A good friend says this insignificance should be cause for optimism. This theory is under investigation.

Stockholm is precious; just like I imagined. I arrived around noon and navigated to my hostel. I don't know how I ever traveled in foreign countries without a smart phone. After checking in and having a fantastic shower I walked around Gamla Stan, the old town. I ate the required meatballs and drank the local beer. My goal was to stay up until 9. I made it to 7:40. 

I woke up at 5:30. I sent an email to a female upholsterer in Berlin that I'm hoping to meet. Today I'll take a historical tour and catch a museum. 

I'll write these short letters when interesting things happen. Some friends and family have scolded me for not being good at staying in touch. So this is for you guys.

Also, thank you San Francisco family for such a sweet send off. The last couple of weeks were so precious to me. I hope one day I'll get on another plane, stay on it for way longer than my body wants, and wake up to your sweet faces.