I had the best meal of my life and I'm not going to tell you about.

You guys!

Thanks to the inimitable Maie Hatcher I have enjoyed in Copenhagen THE BEST MEAL I HAVE EVER HAD. It was so good and wonderful that to attempt to tell you about it would be foolhardy. The result of this unbelievable food was utter exhaustion as my body and brain had been processing so much stimulation. SO MUCH. I had the best sleep following this experience; no doubt as a result of being overwhelmed by magic food, being entertained by Maie and her traveling companions, and having slept like shit for the last week (thank you 20 hours of sunlight). 

I suppose it would be very rude to not tell you the name of the restaurant, just in case you ever want to have the best eating experience you've ever had. The place is called Geist. That is all I will say. (Lies. I will also say, lobster tartar, suckling pig and crispy friend artichokes, and a dessert with wasabi in it that was.... ugh....so... ugh.)

Since I'm not telling you about that meal I do have time to tell you about my future in Berlin! I have been interviewing with a great family. Three girls aged 6, 3, and 3 mos. I will be their lucky au pair starting August 10th. In the mornings I will help with breakfast and take the two older girls to school. During the day I will be free for the most part and I will hope to find an upholstery internship during these hours. In the late afternoon I will pick up the girls from school and then we will have adventures until dinner time. I'm free after dinner at which point I can take my German classes (or drink German beer, same thing, right?.)

And in addition to getting to do all 3 things I hoped to do in Germany for the exact amount of time I wanted to do them (until December) I get my very own apartment in Mitte! 

I feel unbelievably fortunate that things have fallen into place so quickly, and before I have even arrived. This streak of good luck has made me feel more confident about a decision that I've been unsure about for almost a year. Whether I end up going back to San Francisco or to Texas or to Asheville, I am quite certain the time between now and then will be full and rewarding.

You may now all book your flights to come visit me. You have a free place to stay and a smiling friend to greet you!

Much Love,