The Nitty Gritty

In honor of the almost-3-month-mark, I will finally tell you what I'm actually doing instead of droning on and on about what strange thoughts I happen to be having at the moment. We'll do it German-style.

Places I have been:
Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin, Amsterdam, Köln, Prague, Spreewald, Zürich

Places I would like to go before I leave:
Krakow, somewhere in Belgium where there is beer, Nuremberg (to visit Uwe & Tilman), Greece?

Things I will miss when I leave:
My Facebook, Google, and Spotify ads being in German instead of English

Things I have learned:
how to weave (I took a class)
how to cut wood with terrifying machines (another class)
origami (the internet)
furniture restoration (to be continued) 
how to fake German with a 6 year old (Salome says I should really be taking classes, but they're expensive and I think she's a pretty great teacher.)

How many times I have been sick:
3 (babies = germs)

How many days I've spent more hours in bed than I have out of bed:
Mind your own business

Other things:
If you thought that hanging out with a 5-month-old would slightly assuage my baby fever, YOU WERE VERY WRONG ABOUT THAT.

Penelope is always sad when I pick her up from Kindergarten instead of her mother. The other day I told her that her mother had to stay home because baby Juno might wake up and want die Burst (the breast.) She slapped her hand on my chest, informed me that I also had breasts, and asked why I couldn't feed Juno instead.

It's a pretty good question.

I was in Zürich last weekend where I visited the family I au paired with in 2007. It was strange and magical to come back to a place where I had so many lovely experiences. Myriam (was 5, now is 13) and Julia (was 6 mos, now is 9) have grown into absolutely amazing and astoundingly large humans. Zurich is still as beautiful as ever and Hanna and Sebastian are still some of the most generous people I know. I forgot how lucky I was to have that experience. Or maybe I didn't. Maybe that's why I came to Berlin for some more.

People visiting:
Maurene and Karl are my two favorite customers at Pizzetta 211 (the pizza place I worked at in San Fran). They were here for a little less than a week and on two occasions they treated me to wonderful meals and even better conversation. Seeing familiar faces in foreign places is such a marvelous thing. Which is why I'm excited another San Fran friend will be coming in November. (Yay, Teresa!) She will also bring me cheez-its.

What I will do this weekend:
Kayak tour. Weaving Club. (Yep.) Sauna. (Sauna every week. For my health.)

About my internship:
Two or three days a week I work with an antique furniture restorationist named Francesca. Francesca is a tiny, feisty Italian woman who speaks a mix of German, English & Italian with me. I understand about 70% of it. She says things like: "But Candice, I am real, for my luck you are really nice, but most people in today, they are not so nice. Not so honest, you know? I have really sad you are leaving." I told her that if Donald Trump becomes president that I will come back. She says she will root for him.

What I am doing now:
"Babysitting", which I put in quotes because it involves me sitting on the couch, drinking the wine that Konstantin bought for me as a "sorry you have to work on a Friday night" gift, and making sure no one wakes up. So far, it's the best Friday night on the job I've ever had.

Bis Später!